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Tailored wilderness.

You may seek to take on the most challenging slopes, where no one else ventures, with the best equipment possible and the most knowledgeable guides.

You may want to explore your own route into the wild to be immersed by its breathtaking views, quietness and fresh air.

Or, you may simply want to log out completely, and enjoy the finest food, the best spa treatments and the most beautiful spots that nature has to offer, in comfort and in good company.

At Åre Outdoor, any experience is possible. We tailor your escape from everyday life based on what you and your travel companions seek: adrenaline-filled thrills, peace in mind, or pure relaxation.

There are no packages.

Based on your preferences, we tailor your conference, event or trip to meet and exceed your expectations. We are with you – before, during and after your expedition.

To understand your requirements fully, and which details are important to you, we will work with you to agree on the scope and the planning.

Outdoor activities in the wilderness or mountain terrain require both theoretical and practical preparations. Therefore we provide thought-through packing lists and avalanche awareness information packages.

We can also suggest physical preparation to maximize your experience here. Expertise on everything about nature is a key part of our offer.

Throughout your stay, we agree with you on the activities that best suit the dynamics of your group, the weather and the taste of different individuals, here and now. A change of plans is only natural in a tailored journey.

Afterwards, we provide documentation, so you can revisit what you experienced and share it with friends and travel companions.

We offer only the best.

We own our equipment and make it available to you. To add to your experience, we have selected only the best. From the Land Rover Defenders that can pick you up at the airport or train station and take you far into nature, to the Arctic Cats (with Campoplast Tatou Tracks) that can continue the journey anywhere, and the Hendryx Skis that live up to the most skilled skiers' demands.

When it comes to lodging and dining, there are no compromises either. We will find and quality-check both depending on your preferences. We can secure tables at the finest venues, as well as create personal, warm experiences, at home in your lodge.

And to make your memories stand out, we capture the finest moments with Nikon's professional equipment. Optional and subject to availability you can also request our photographer Mr Mattias Fredriksson to join (

We offer something else, too.

Often, life is complicated and stressful. But not up here. In Åre, life is highly influenced by nature. Breathtaking views. Wild animals outside the door. A quietness that within seconds can turn into a blizzard. We live and work under these conditions and they keep us anchored in the here and now.

An inward journey is therefore a natural component of what we offer. Unexpectedly, small moments can create the greatest impression on our visitors.

This is often especially true to those who lead a life with a full calendar and great responsibilities. A shelter, erected to protect from changing weather, can become the perfect place for a discussion and reflection over a cup of hot chocolate. Such moments can stay with you forever.

We will find your path into the wild.

Åre Outdoor exists to give you a great experience and something to remember with joy when returning home. And keep in mind: Åre has something to offer in any season.

Talk to us, and we'll be delighted to tailor the wilderness for you.

Ken Strand, Pathfinder